Self-esteem and Confidence Building

Self-esteem and Confidence Building

The state of our self-esteem reflects the quality of our relationship with self.

And what is your relationship with oneself?

Is it a one of supportive nature?

Would you say you are a kind friend to yourself as you are to others?

Or would you say you are your own hardest critique unforgiving of your mistakes?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to other people?

Or are you always setting up unrealistic goals for yourself only to see yourself fall short?

We all know that mutual respect, trust, and support are important for a good quality relationship among people. And we have all experienced that when we are treated in a disrespectful manner, we tend to feel pretty bad after. These same principles apply to one’s relationship with self.

If we don’t trust ourselves, if we don’t treat ourselves with respect and condemn ourselves for even minor transgressions we are bound to feel bad… to feel bad about ourselves… and to see ourselves as failures. As you know, these negative feelings are very draining and make us feel unmotivated and stagnated robbing us of opportunities to achieve our goals and dreams.

It is time to raise your self-esteem by strengthening and empowering your relationship with oneself so that you can:

  • Enjoy an abundance of energy in your life as you stop dwelling on the past mistakes.
  • Possess build endurance to overcome challenges in life when things don’t work out your
  • Enhance relationships with other people as you stop to seek constant approval from others.
  • Gain confidence to try new things and take realistic & achievable steps towards your
  • Get control of your life as you get comfortable saying ‘No’ and set healthy boundaries with others.

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