Relationships, Couples and Marriage Counselling

Relationships, Couples and Marriage Counselling

The quality of your relationships directly affects your well-being.

Do you find that most of your relationships are energizing and nurturing?

Do you feel that your needs and boundaries are respected in your relationships?

Or the opposite?

Do you find that one or many of your relationships are draining you?

Are you feeling trapped in Fights? Isolation? & Silence?

Do you struggle to communicate your needs in your relationship for fear of conflict?

Do you find that you and your partner are stuck in the vicious cycle of fighting that you can’t break through?

Do you find that one of your relatives, your friend, your boss or a spouse is setting unreasonable expectations for you?

If you answered yes to any of the last five questions, like so many of us, you might be stuck in an unhealthy relationship dynamic. So what do we do if we are?

We pretty much cannot escape relationships. They are an essential part of our lives and as such can either be a source of great joy or profound stress.

For myself, I have struggled in many ways to figure out how to make relationships in my life work. I found myself often too affected by my emotions unable to understand what they mean. If I was treated unfairly, I felt a choking sensation as if I was swallowing a Ping-Pong ball. But I couldn’t translate that sensation into words and understand that it signaled unfairness to me. If I couldn’t understand them, neither could the people around me and so the conflict pursued.

It took some time for me to start deciphering these feeling and sensations, making sense of them and translating them into speech.

Now, I had clarity and could share it with others in my relationships. I no longer had to react to my overwhelming emotions by bursting into anger or shutting down. This skill came especially handy in my relationship with my fiancé.

As I started to understand my feelings and what they meant, I was able to set boundaries and make requests. I was able to address and resolve past fights, regrets, and conflicts. I was able to re-build trust and forgive past mistakes.

You too can bring long-lasting changes and fulfillment to your relationships. I would like to share with you the secrets that I discovered so you too can:

  • Restore friendship within your marriage and face life’s challenges as a team.
  • Reignite physical passion and restore an emotional connection with your spouse.
  • Effectively communicate your needs and wants to your partner or relative.
  • Skillfully navigate difficult relationships with your family members.
  • Restore trust and heal old wounds so you can enjoy peace once again.
  • Enjoy healthy and mutually respectful boundaries in all your relationships.

Connect with me today to enjoy these transformations in your life. Don’t wait to start living your life the way you want. Give yourself and others the gift of healthy and healing relationships!