Anger Management & Assertiveness Coaching

Anger Management & Assertiveness Coaching

Anger is an emotion that we all experience, yet how we act upon it can vary in many ways.

How do you respond to your anger?

Do you feel that feeling angry is ‘bad’?

Do you try to avoid conflict at all costs?

Do you bottle things up until you eventually you blow up or completely shut down?

Or the opposite?

Do you find that getting angry is the only way for you to stay in control?

Do others describe you as someone having a short fuse?

Do you often find that in the heat of the moment you say things you regret?

Do you feel that getting angry is the only way you will get heard and your needs met?

Anger is a healthy human emotion, yet the relationship we might have with anger can be an unhealthy one. Our relationship with anger is usually formed by what we observed as children. Seeing how our parents and caregivers express and deal with anger sets an example for us.

If your parents let their anger run wild, you might have often heard screaming and yelling growing up and learned that that’s how you get heard. Opposite, if your parents avoided conflict at all costs and told you to never to ‘make waves’ in life, you learned that having a voice or expressing your needs is not ok.

Myself, I grew up in the first type of family. My parents yelling at each other was a common theme in our household. From this, I learned getting loud was the only way I would be heard in a relationship.

In the real world, I soon realized that neither blowing up or shutting down and not saying anything was working for me. Fortunately, as an adult, I discovered and mastered a third way of relating to anger – Assertiveness.

Assertiveness is a powerful new way for us to feel in control and express our needs and wants while still respecting needs and wants of other people.

I would like to share the power of assertiveness with you so that you can:

  • Build successful personal and business relationships with people.
  • Feel in control of your feelings of anger and in choosing how to respond to a challenging situation.
  • Know how to clarify your needs and wants and express it to others in a respectful way.
  • Feel comfortable setting boundaries with others and understand boundaries of other people.
  • Gain confidence in handling ‘difficult’ people in your life and manage conflict situations skillfully.
  • Enjoy extra energy as assertiveness melts away anger and resentment, life’s major energy drainers.

Connect with me today to enjoy these transformations in your life. Don’t wait to start living your life the way you want!