Need more energy? You have to try this!

Need more energy? You have to try this!

For the past year, I have been struggling with low energy. No matter how much I slept or rested, I felt tired. After some medical tests, it turned out I had a low thyroid and low adrenal function. Apparently, these symptoms are a common epidemic of the 21st century, a result of constant life demands, poor nutrient absorption, and fast-paced lifestyles. Although there is medication protocol to address these, diet and exercise are a big part of getting back to your old self.

Despite trying all of that and a bunch of health remedies and supplements, I still felt at square one. I didn’t feel like interacting with people, going out or working out. I felt stuck in a rut. And since I was in a new country and didn’t know anyone, I was free of the obligations to socialize.

Fast forward two months since my move, and I have met a couple of lovely women who I felt a great connection with. We had lovely chats over lunch and tea, and I noticed that I felt more energized on the days that I have met with them. At first, I thought it was just a coincident, but this trend continued as I engaged in more and more enjoyable activities like trying a cigar for the first time, attending a party (even though I didn’t want to), and showing up for a trivia game a local British pub.

And finally, as undeniable evidence, I struck a gold mine of energy yesterday, when I attended a painting class at a local Manila franchise, Sip & Gogh. Another lovely friend invited me to join her to try painting with her. I imagined it would be us trying to paint something from our imagination with no guidance, and since, I have no painting skills, I had very little expectations for the activity.

In reality, when we showed by for our class, we were greeted by a friendly instructor, who invited us to choose what we would like to paint from an assortment of sample paintings on the wall. The whole room was popping with color. As I looked around trying to make my pick and I was struck by how uplifting, it was to be surrounded by the rainbow of colors, a dramatic contrast to the all-white walls at my Manila apartment.

I chose to attempt a picture of an elephant with a colorful Safari background. At first, I was in disbelief that I could paint it. But with patient and detailed instructions from our painting guide, I watched my white canvas dress in color and came to life. Of course, it wasn’t easy, of course, I made some mistakes, and mastering painting silly tree branches looks far easier than it is, but in the end – here it was, the product of my 2.5h labor was glaring at me.

I felt proud, accomplished and thrilled. I hadn’t felt that energized for a long time and even when I woke up the next day, I was surprised to find that these feelings were still there alongside my recharged internal energy battery.

What I learned from this experience is that sometimes the most powerful remedies are the ones that directly affect our psyche. While I do not deny that medications, diet, and exercise are extremely important and essential, they have limitations. The unlocked potential of our minds is quite often highly overlooked, but when harvested can make a dramatic positive impact. Otherwise how else could we explain that placebo pills and hypnosis treatment for warts (not kidding, it’s a fact) are so effective?

me-with-the-paintingWhat we try does not have to be expensive, extreme or time-consuming, they just to be outside of our usual routine. For more ideas on different activities to try, check out this list here.

I am already planning my next experimental adventure – a sewing class. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Your Global Therapist,


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