Couples/Family Sessions

Think about how much money and time you spent right now on avoiding your concerns, worries, and anxieties.

Invest in your well-being today so that tomorrow you can:

Have More Energy

Save Money

Reach Your Goals

Enjoy Healthy Relationships

You can choose an In-person or Online session and a 50 min or 1 hour 20min session length.

In-person vs. Online Session?

In-person sessions are offered at my office location in Vancouver at 119 West Pender St., Vancouver, Canada. Online sessions are offered globally via Skype, FaceTime or phone.

Session Length?

You can choose between a 50 min session or a 1 hour 20 minute session length. The longer session is perfect for people who process information verbally and would like to have extra space and time in a session for reflection.

50 min and 1hour 20 min Rates

*The prices listed are in CANADIAN DOLLARS.

*Please note the couples/family rate applies to two people. The rate will change with an addition of another person/persons.

One (1) Session

50 min Couple or Family session
1 x $145 CAD/session

One (1) Session

1h 20 min Couple or Family session
1 x $218 CAD/session

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