Thoughts 101

Thoughts 101

TODAY’s bite-sized WISDOM:

Our bite-sized wisdom for today is Thoughts 101. What is a thought? A thought is an evaluation of our experiences, sensations, and emotions. Our raw experiences get processed in our brains through our memories, beliefs, and associations. That is why two people can watch the same movie and have a completely different response to it.

This example demonstrates that our thoughts are not a reflection of reality by no means. Quite often they distort reality. If we are not aware and conscious of our thoughts, we perceive them as reality and truth.

Unchecked negative thoughts this can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, and relationship problems. By becoming more aware of our thoughts, we can start examining and evaluating to see if they are grounded in reality or your feelings. This recognition will allow us to feel in control once again and remind us that a thought is just a thought.

In this video, I will guide through a short exercise so you can take your first step towards building awareness of your thoughts. With a little bit of daily practice, you will become more aware of your thoughts and will be able to make a conscious choice about which thoughts to take seriously and which ones to discard.

Our new mantra is a thought is just a thought!

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