Separation & Divorce Shortcut

Separation & Divorce Shortcut

TODAY’s bite-sized WISDOM:
This video is full of practical wisdom about Separation & Divorce. In this episode, I am having tea with an expert, Christina Vinters, Canadian Chartered Mediator, who specializes in guiding couples through separation and divorce procedures. Christina, a former divorce lawyer and founder of, will tell us about an option of how to move through separation in a quick and relatively painless way. Breaking up is already really overwhelming, but knowing your options and having a professional guidance of a mediator, can minimize painful experiences and save a lot of time and money.

In this video, you will learn answers to these questions:

1. What are the advantages of going through mediation versus hiring a lawyer right away?
2. What does the process of mediation look like and how long does it take?
3. Who should seek mediation with a professional?
4. How can mediation improve couple’s communication and benefit ex-partners’ long-term?
5. What are other instances when people can benefit from meditation? (e.g. cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements, mediation following divorce to address changes in custody or property disputes).
6. When is mediation not a suitable option? Exceptions.
7. How counselling can complement meditation? In what cases, a person is advised to see a counsellor?
8. What if you are not sure if separation is the right choice for you? Find out about Discernment Counselling, a structured and guided way for you and your partner to come to a decision about your relationship.
9. What do people need take into consideration or discuss before taking the next step such as getting engaged or tying the knot? Expert advice.

Knowledge is power. This information can be timely and valuable for you or someone you know who is going through a tough time. Share it your friends and family. Pass on the wisdom!

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