Body Sensations 101

Body Sensations 101

TODAY’s bite-sized WISDOM:

Today I am beginning a series of 3 videos, with a video dedicated to each topic: feelings, thoughts, and sensations. You can think of the series as Feelings, Thoughts, and Sensations 101 as we are covering important basics.

When I was younger, I couldn’t tell the difference between thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

It’s through time and experience that I learned to decipher them. I also commonly come across the same confusion in my clients who see these as one and the same. Together we are going to unwind and clarify the differences between body sensations, thoughts, and feelings.
Let’s begin with the body sensation. Body sensation is anything we can sense in our body. We might feel shoes’ pressure on our toes, or discomfort of digestion in our belly. Or we might feel particularly relaxed in our shoulders or feel some tension in our neck.

These sensations are our body’s way of communicating with us about what is happening in our bodies and what needs our attention.

If we ignore certain sensations for too long, we can end developing more serious problems like migraines, chronic pain or physical and mental exhaustion.

So let’s reconnect with our bodies through a simple exercise. Pause this video and take 30 seconds to scan your body from head to toe and notice the sensations. What parts are relaxed? What parts are tense? What parts are cool? What parts are warm or even burning?

I invite you to repeat this quick scan twice daily until it becomes an automatic habit. By taking care of ourselves this way we prevent stress built up and escalation, and make ourselves more resilient to future stress.

By paying closer attention to your body, you will also start noticing patterns. For example, you might notice that after a certain food you get a headache or spending time with certain people increases your tension. Once you pick up on these patterns, you open up a door to change.

What was that like for you to re-connect with your body this way?

Do you have your daily practice to help you stay connected with your body? What are the benefits that you are getting from that practice? I would love to hear from you; please share your wisdom in the comments below.

I would love to hear from you; please share your wisdom in the comments below.

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