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My name is Viktoria and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor & Psychotherapist.  

I offer my services globally, online, and in-person, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.

I offer my services globally online and in-person, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.

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What do I do as a Therapist? 

Life is messy, unpredictable and full of:

– Fights with the loved ones

– Mean bosses & coworkers

– Failed aspirations

– Break ups & heartaches

– Messy hair & dirty diapers

At the low moments in life, we all can feel:

– Stuck

– Defeated

– Anxious

– Furious

– Or down right miserable.

But what if there is a way to make these moments easier and smoother?

What if we could reduce painful feelings and eliminate some of them all together?

So you can get back to happy and successful parts of life faster?

Sounds too good to be true?

That is exactly what I do – guide you through the rough terrain of life so you can become a resilient and confident life explorer yourself!

It is my passion to share with you the road map for how to navigate challenging moments in life, so you feel supported, empowered and confident to create the life you want.

Through my blog, Tea with Viktoria channel, and one-on-one sessions, I share lifehacks and wisdom insights that I have acquired through almost 10 years of training and experience as a therapist.

My specializations are:

Relationships  – how to keep the good ones, transform challenging ones and say sayonara to bad ones.

Anger – master that feeling before it chews you up.

Self-Esteem & Confidence – say good bye to that inner bully cause you were born to shine!

Stress and Burn out – let’s balance those life scales together.

Anxiety – Is the dog walking you or are you walking the dog? It is time to stop letting anxiety run your life. Get back in charge!

Trauma – if the ground shook underneath you and you don’t feel yourself, hitch the ride to healing ville.

My Story 


How many of us would say this: “I wish I knew years ago about life what I know now! My life would be so much easier!”

I am one of these people. Looking back, I wish I knew how to navigate my feelings better, value myself, make clear-headed decisions, trust my intuition and control my anxieties years ago. These thoughts were the driving force for me behind creating Therapy with Viktoria.

I believe that no one needs to start from scratch and fumble in the dark to hack and navigate life.  For this reason, I want to share with you insights and wisdom that I learned so you can get rid of the stumbling blocks in your life.

We all come across difficulties and misfortunes at some point of our lives, but what’s important is learning how to deal with the emotional aspects they bring so we can live more meaningful and happy lives.

I myself have experienced such times and too often found nowhere to turn to. While I had plenty of supporters, family and friends, their advice and solutions did not always fit or help me with concurring my doubts and fears.

Sometimes we can be surrounded by all the love in the world and still feel so lonely and isolated.

During my struggles with anxiety I did not know much about counselling or therapy, and thought it was only for people experiencing extreme despair. I was sure my grief did not fit that bill.

It wasn’t till late one night while mindlessly watching TV that I was somewhat awoken by an infomercial advertisement for a Mind Free From Anxiety Program.

The commercial explained anxiety and its symptoms and a how using a structured, thought changing approach, one could overcome it. Watching this was an ‘aha’ moment for me. Until that point, I didn’t even know what I was experiencing was called anxiety. By the end of the ad, I was fully awake. I had had enough of my emotional turmoil and was determined to overcome it.

The greatest motivation for me in that moment was knowing I wasn’t alone in my struggle, and that real life solutions were out there.  That night, I signed up for the program and made a first step towards becoming a therapist myself.

This was a massive turning point in my life that eventually evolved into my journey of becoming a counselling therapist myself. If I could transform my anxiety, and anger that often came with it, into self-knowledge, empowerment and motivation to live my life to the fullest, I knew I could help others to liberate themselves too.  I emerged from my journey competent, confident, and trained to help others transform their lives.

I believe no one should suffer in silence, or isolation. No one should have to suffer period. There are ways to overcome the inner turmoil and agony that arise in our minds and bodies. And it is my mission to show you the way.

How Can Therapy Help You?

How is counselling therapy different from advice from family & friends? 

That’s a very good question and one that I hear often from people around me.

In return, I ask “Would you get an advice for how to fix car engine from your friend (not a mechanic) or get insights for how to treat a strange skinrush from your hairdresser?”

Probably, not!

Majority of us would choose to get guidance from an expert in the field.

While our family and friends love you, their advice is often bias and may not be the right fit for you.

Handling conflict skilfully, mastering how to regulate and manage unruly feelings, deciding whether to leave or stay in a relationship, changing careers, overcoming fear of commitment, getting to like yourself – these are all too important to be left to be decided on by someone else.

Through therapy, you get to become an expert on your life!

You become aware and in charge of your feeling and thoughts.

You have the skills to build healthy relationships and transform challenging ones.

You get to know what is holding you back and how to move though that obstacle.

You are be able to create, feel and savor motivation, fulfilment, joy, happiness and peace.

You become the architect of your own destiny!

Want some insights today? For bite-size wisdom ideas you can apply in your life straight away explore:


Blog                                                     Tea With Viktoria Videos                                                     One-on-One Sessions

Citizen of the World

I’d like to think of myself as a citizen of the world.  I am grateful to have had incredible experiences of moving and living in different countries.

As a teenager, 16, I had to adapt to a whole new culture and language as my family traded the world’s biggest country, Russia, for the second world’s biggest country, Canada.  After 18 years of living in a beautiful and multicultural Vancouver, I was ready for my next adventure.

My partner and I decided to do a ‘crazy thing’ – quite our full-time jobs to embrace an expat lifestyle.  This is the step that sparked the birth of Global Therapy site.  We spent 1 year in Manila, Philippines, followed by another year in Tallinn, Estonia. During this time, I had the honour to be friends, to work with and to have clients from so many different cultures.

I am now back to beautiful Vancouver, Canada, to enjoy the amazing mountains and fairy-tale forests, contemplating our next adventure.

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From War to Peace E-Book 

Image shows free war to peace relationship guide, click the image to receive it

I know what it is like to struggle in relationships and to feel stuck. For this reason, I created this free & practical From War to Peace 7 Step Relationship Guide.

It is time to stop spending your energy on fighting with your partner. Instead, the energy can be spent on creativity and productivity.

Give yourself and others the gift of a healthy and healing relationship. Take 7 Steps to:

  • Restore trust and understand each other
  • Reignite physical passion
  • Deepen friendship with your partner
  • Express your needs and desires skillfully
  • Learn your partner’s love language

My Qualifications & Training 

While it is my life experience, my passionate nature, my intuition and deep respect for people’s potential make me a skilled professional, it is my training that makes me qualified to offer therapy.

I am Certified Canadian Counsellor registered with the Certified Canadian Counsellor & Psychotherapy Association, as well as, a Registered Clinical Counsellor registered with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

This means that I meet the professional training and ethical standards set by Canada for providing counselling services.

Additional Training & Certifications:

My Education

  • Master’s of Education in Counselling Psychology,
    University of Western Ontario, Canada
  • Bachelor of Behavioral Neuroscience,
    University of British Columbia, Canada
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Image shows free war to peace relationship guide, click the image to receive it

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