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Anxiety & Stress Management

Anxiety & Stress Management

“I never want to feel anxious again” is a common phrase...

Relationships, Couples and Marriage Counselling

Relationships, Couples and Marriage Counselling

The quality of your relationships directly affects your...

Life Transitions

Life Transitions

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”...

Anger Management & Assertiveness Coaching

Anger Management & Assertiveness Coaching

Anger is an emotion that we all experience, yet how we...

Trauma & Recovery

Trauma & Recovery

What comes to your mind when you think of trauma?...

Self-esteem and Confidence Building

Self-esteem and Confidence Building

The most common and dangerous features of low...

Viktoria Ivanova, M.Ed., B. Sc.

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) & Psycotherapist

I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) and a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) providing online therapy worldwide. It has been my dream to create an empowering counselling & therapy service that assists and guides people through hardships they may be experiencing in life.

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My mum and I have had a difficult relationship for the last 20 years. Even though I loved her, I could not stand her. Thinking that there must be a better way, I decided to talk to Viktoria. Indeed, thanks to Viktoria, I discovered that although I can’t make my mum change, I can change the way I react to her. This was incredibly liberating and empowering. A big thank you to Viktoria from me and my mum!

SusanLondon, UK

After a few months of moving to Hong Kong from US, my wife and I started having marital problems. We seem to argue constantly and not pay enough attention to each other. After a few sessions with Viktoria, we found our spark again! Viktoria helped us recognize and change some old bad habits that we were stuck in. We are very grateful to her for helping us get our marriage back!

John & ChristinaHong Kong

When I first met with Viktoria, I suffered from so much anxiety I could barely leave my house. After just 3 sessions, I felt that a cloud lifted from me as my anxiety reseeded and I started to enjoy things again. Thank you Viktoria for giving me my life back!

CaraSeoul, Korea

My friend recommended for me to talk with Viktoria. I was very skeptical at first as I didn’t think anyone else could help my troubled marriage. Right after our first meeting I felt empowered to make changes in my life and changes in my relationship. The sessions with Viktoria have saved my marriage!

TaniaParis, France

As a new expat from England to Manila, Philippines, I had a hard time adjusting. First few weeks were exciting, but after that I felt homesick. I didn’t feel comfortable sharing how tough things were with family and friends back home…. When I met with Viktoria, I felt safe and comfortable to open up right away…. She just has this great listener vibe!

JustinManila, Philippines

After a series of bad relationships, I almost gave up. It seemed that I would only attract a certain bad type of mates. A friend finally convinced me to see a therapist and this is how I met with Viktoria. Viktoria is a refreshing therapist, down to earth and open to share her relevant life experience. With her guidance, I learned how to recognize who to trust and how to build a safe relationship.

AliceVancouver, Canada

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